Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Apple Death

For dinner, they also have family over, more showing off, telling them about me, or as much as they know about me. While we wait for it to be served, I sit with my brother for the first time. We watch rock rules on VH1 and I’m shocked to hear music besides Bollywood tunes. We have our first conversation ever about music, and He loves Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam and the works. When I ask him about Eddie Vedder, he automatically goes off about Into the Wild. I’m ecstatic to actually have a convo beyond small talk as we talk about the movie and I play his solo album for. Then a Mumford and Sons music video comes on and I get even more excited. we listen to The Cave ,part of which is filmed in South India, or least in South Indian attire, he told me. Then I get to teach him about a banjo and how to identify its sounds in the song. Sooo fantastic. When their family comes over for dinner, we all start watching the equivalent of the grammy awards and the oscars for Indian entertainment. All the Bollywood stars are suggestively dancing and shaking on the screen in these outfits that show their stomachs and just the slightest hint of cleavage. Here, I’m not even allowed to show my ankles, let alone any sort  of collar bone. You know that awkward feeling when you’re watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on? That’s how I felt watching the awards; it didn’t help that I was the only girl in the room. At dinner, my father, Hemant, tells me, in front of everyone that eating without utensils is better, for then you get the best flavor out of the food. Also, I can use my left hand in an emergency. They all laugh and agree. Because  told them I love apples and sweet things, the mom makes me an apple pie and expects me to eat most of it. In Indian culture, denying food is rude and means you don’t like it. I have never been so full and had such an immense sugar headache.

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