Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Photos

So my oldest host brother came to visit for Holi and stayed for a week. He works in Mumbai and is super, super interesting. I felt bad because I was pretty non-discrete about how much I enjoyed talking to him; two nights we sat at the dinner table for hours after everyone had finished and talked about India, development and what not. Oddly, he's really into photography, so he also taught me a ton of stuff to do with my camera and such. I think in Indian culture that means hard core flirting or something, but we argued and debated a lot, so hopefully not. I've never talked with Yeshu this much since he's so shy and when we do talk, it's while we're watching tv and it's mostly about movies, music or Dexter (which I persuaded him to start watching!). His name is Sweetu? That's how it's pronounced at least, though his full name is Swaroop. So on his last night, he wanted a family photo and had us pose in different areas of the house with his timer camera. Here are the results.

Also, before we took the picture, he says he needs to change into a nicer shirt than his white nike one. This Black Sabbath shirt was his choice.

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